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EJ Home LLC was a long-term dream of Jusztina and Andy. They are on the hunt for perfection and a smooth client experience.

Although they settled in New England, far away from their original country, they found themselves feeling at home.

They started laying down roots and growing their young family here in the Litchfield Hills.

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Andy Endre Molnar

Project Manager

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Initially from Hungary, Andy’s shared passion for community, hard work, and hospitality prompted him to start EJ Home LLC.

Andy moved to the United States with Jusztina for the very reason- to jump-start their real estate career. He spent many years in property management in Europe and the United States. He paired this profession with getting qualifications in the field as a construction and property manager.
Andy's happiness is his family and sports. While his favorite items are his running shoes, he never gets tired of water sports either.

His top priority for perfection and his incredible passion for people qualifies him to be the right person to follow the process from a small project to a big renovation, from the beginning until the last screw gets into its place.  Everyone agrees that Andy is a hard-working and, last but not least, entertaining professional who will guide you through the challenging path of your renovation. 


Jusztina Paksai

Designer & Real Estate Sales Person

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Originally from Hungary, Jusztina moved to the United States to fully immerse herself into real estate. Jusztina has a graduate degree in Social Work and additional qualifications in the real estate field, such as construction and property management. 

This knowledge, coupled with her long-term experience in the service industry in Manhattan, has provided her with valuable skills that she is ready to use daily. 

Jusztina has worked in New York City real estate as a real estate agent and property manager for over nine years. 

Her professional partners often describe her as detail-oriented, proactive, and fun to be around. 

After living for many years in The Big Apple, Jusztina currently resides in Lakeville, CT with her husband Andy and their son, Eric. 

Jusztina enjoys spending time in her garden, training for a triathlon, or visiting her beloved Continent, Europe.


We are not working with walls and roofs but with the dreams of our future neighbors. We handle each project with care and passion, no matter how small or big it is.

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Chris Clark

"From Big to Small & in between"

As someone who has always had an innate appreciation for beauty, architecture, and design, I find inspiration in the interplay of form and function. Perhaps this passion can be traced back to my family’s rich lineage of artists, builders, and architects—a heritage that has shaped my creative journey.

When I’m not immersed in work, you’ll likely find me exploring the awe-inspiring landscapes of the San Juan mountains in southwestern Colorado. The rugged beauty of these peaks, juxtaposed with the serenity of nature, fuels my spirit. Accompanied by my amazing wife and our loyal canine companions, I seek solace in the grandeur of the outdoors.

My professional trajectory has been equally dynamic. The first half of my career—spanning 11 years—was dedicated to mastering structural design and residential construction standards. Under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, I absorbed invaluable knowledge that laid the foundation for my expertise. From there, I transitioned into roles as a millwork and cabinetry engineer, honing my skills and expanding my horizons.

The subsequent 11 years unfolded within the context of a New England architectural firm—one that seamlessly blended modern inspiration with timeless design principles. Here, I pushed the boundaries of my structural education, creating harmonious spaces that marry aesthetics with functionality. As an architectural draftsman and structural design professional, I reveled in the art of balance.


I am laser-focused on delivering comprehensive structural and architectural drawings to my clients. Efficiency is my hallmark, but I also infuse each project with a touch of lightheartedness. After all, the creative process need not be solemn—it can be an exhilarating dance of ideas.

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