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Our passion for creation and design is the driving force of our life and work. We love to shape something special, something beautiful. Spaces that make us proud and thrill our clients. Our finished projects are polished, functional, and comfortable.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, obsession with quality and love for local craftsmanship. We strive to create beautiful homes that have the potential to transform the daily lives of our clients.

We believe in building professional, friendly client relationships. Customer satisfaction is at the top of the list when it comes to the priorities of our business.

Every single makeover, from a small project to reconstructing an entire home is important to us. We feel lucky to have the best crew in our area. Every member of EJ Home is a dedicated professional who puts his heart in each unique home.

" We love to shape something special, 

something beautiful."

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We recently purchased a home and - as usual - that meant not only a lot of projects, but also a struggle to find good people to help. A broker recommended EJ Home and we never looked back!

They do great work, have a keen design eye, and are just a pleasure to work with. They are collaborative, communicative, quick and fair in everything they do.

We started with just some painting and minor construction (putting up a door and some drywall). Since then, they have rehabbed our entry, laid large format tile with precision, completely gutted and rebuilt a tricky bathroom, and worked on part of a kitchen renovation - all with terrific results.

On top of the construction work, they are very helpful in just helping with those small things that make it A little easier to keep up a house.

My only reservation in making this recommendation is the fear that they get too busy - we still have a lot of projects on our list!



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